CEO's Response to COVID-19

In these unprecedented times, I want to thank all nannies for their commitment that has been displayed through both hard work and difficult decisions regarding their livelihood and profession.

whether you’re working with your nanny family or staying home, these choices are not easy, nor financially gratifying, in many cases.

so we wanted to reach out with an update, and a message.

In the current global atmosphere, most of our clients have stalled all searches, for a litany of reasons related to COVID-19. That said, we have decided we will not be sending any candidates out for in-person interviews or trials until further notice; unless we deem it essential.

We are continuing our operations by screening, reference checking, and conducting virtual interviews with excellent nannies. please reach out, as we can provide dedicated development, build stronger resumes, portfolios, and connections to assist you in your search.

If you’ve connected with us before, please send us an updated resume. if we haven’t spoken, now would be a great time to register with us, so we can send you to families first; once the tides turn.

and in any case – reach out to us, we’d love to exchange strategies for keeping busy and productive in such a strange time in this world.

please forward to friends & colleagues that may be looking for work when things quiet down. Here’s to staying healthy, and remaining grateful for the nanny community of Los Angeles.

For up-to-date information on the current orders issued and where we are at in the Pandemic, please continue to visit the LA County, Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization websites.