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los angeles nannies

Los Angeles Nannies is the premier placement agency in LA committed to matching excellent, professional nannies with hardworking and caring families.


We run some of the highest screening methods in the industry, and we believe in the person to person connection.
Because we focus on quality over quantity, we are able to put more effort into each specific search. This is paramount in offering a more bespoke service, and finding the perfect fit for your family…. more



We have your back! And because we seek to work with the best nannies, we expect the same from our clientele of families. We ask that our families adhere to a set of standard practices that we call our Honest House Promise. This set of standards ensures that you are treated as a true professional, and aims to legitimize the nanny industry while protecting you legally and ethically.

our mission


We treat you like family because you are one. During a process that can be all-consuming, it is our aim to make this journey as smooth as possible so that you can focus on what matters most.


YOU'll fall in love with us


Nanny Burnout

There comes a point in every career when you wake up, drink your coffee, get ready for the day and think to yourself, “I just can’t do it.” Burnout is an issue in any profession, and is especially common in positions where large amounts of emotional labor is needed.

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Nanny Savings – How To Plan For Your Future

Childcare is a business like any other. We pay taxes and social security, we network, we attend workshops and take classes that better us and expand our knowledge. We invest time and money in our business, so why not use our business to invest in our financial health and start saving for retirement?

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