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How to become a Newborn Care Specialist

How to become a newborn care specialist.

While the welcome of a new addition into the family is the most wonderful and special time in a family’s life, it is also the most exhausting. Newborns are beautiful bundles of joy that also completely deplete a parent’s ability to get any sleep. Parenting is difficult enough as it is, but lack of sleep elevates normal challenges to seemingly life or death levels. Nannies are excellent tools for assisting parents to balance their work-life balance during the day, but what can parents do after hours? 

Many nannies have a passion for newborns, they love everything ‘newborn’ and they’re passionate about helping new families create a seamless transition. Of course, babies grow up fairly quickly and become toddlers. How can nannies use their passion for newborns longterm? 

What is an NCS?

Newborn Care Specialists, or NCS, are formerly known as Baby Nurses. The term Baby Nurse is no longer used, as while NCS have extensive expertise and training to certify their abilities, they are not actually registered nurses. A NCS is responsible for all things baby. They are experts in sleep training and sleep conditioning, breastfeeding or formula feeding, and managing and understanding colic and reflux. Many new parents especially have a hard time understanding what is and is not normal behavior for a newborn. Newborn Care Specialists are experts in all things baby and can recognize any concerning patterns right away. Newborn Care Specialists are also there as support systems for new parents during the tumultuous time. An NCS can assist parents in understanding Postpartum Mood Disorders, assist in breastfeeding issues, and can set parents up with a beneficial schedule to follow. 


Newborn Care Specialists have unique schedules as compared with other caregivers. An NCS will usually arrive in the evening to take care of the nighttime schedule for a baby. Depending on a family’s needs, an NCS will arrive to feed the baby to assist the mother feed, and will bathe and dress the child for bed. The NCS takes care of all things sleep-related for a baby. They will use special skills and exercises to get the baby to go to sleep. Should the baby wake up crying, the NCS will administer care.

How to become an NCS

Not anyone can just decide to be an NCS. While an NCS is not a nurse, they still undergo strict training and classes to become certified experts in their field. There are many online and in-person classes to train candidates on becoming certified, but interested parties should do their research to ensure they are paying for an accredited class. When in doubt, check with the International Nanny Association and their list of credentialed organizations. To become certified, one will take courses in swaddling, sleep training, formulas, breastfeeding, reflux and colic, warning signs, safety precautions, early development, and dealing with postpartum. 

If you are interested in becoming an NCS or are an NCS looking for their next family, reach out to us! If you are a parent, or soon to be one, looking for a Newborn Care Specialist we would love to assist you in your search any way that we can.

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