• Beverly Hills
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  • Salary: $25 / hour


Full-Time Live-In or Live-Out Family Assistant/Nanny

Location – Beverly Hills
Schedule – 9am-3pm Family Assistant then 3-6pm with children.
Pay – $25/hr
Number of Children – 2 children ages 7 & 10.

A family is looking for a full-time family assistant/nanny to help out in their home. This position could be either live-in, which they would prefer, but are open to a live-out nanny. If the nanny wanted to do live-in, they would have the guest wing of their home. They want a nanny that is friendly, honest, responsible, reliable, and active: meaning, have fun with the boys but keep them safe. They also would like a nanny that is flexible for when things come up in their schedule. There may be occasional times they need the children to be watched over the weekend. 

They have two boys, ages 7 & 10 that will be in school from 9am-3pm. During this time the nanny will help with household duties, grocery shopping, meal prep, and running errands for the family. Then pick up boys from school, bring them home, prep a snack while they do homework, then go nuts with a nerf gun battle with neighborhood kids in the backyard. Or stay inside and read and play legos. Help with family dinner.

For their children, they want positive discipline. They are big on natural consequences, both good and bad so they can learn from mistakes and make good choices. They also set boundaries, try to say yes when possible but always say no when needed, and feel kids need rules. Never shaming or physical discipline.

This family is looking for the right candidate to help them and to become part of their family.

Notes from the family:

“We respect the people we work with and value someone who is working to make our lives better in any way. We are reasonable and understand that the job has to be a good fit for all involved. Ideal situation would be good communication, always ok to discuss if something isn’t working so we can make it work, and everyone happy, secure, and getting what they need.”


Requested duration
1-2 years
About the Family
Adults: 2
Children: 2


Position Responsibilities
Childcare: 2 children ages 7 & 10. Watching them after school.
Housekeeping: Light Housekeeping Required
Cooking: Help Start/Prep for Dinner, Family Meals, children meals snacks.
Laundry: Children Laundry Only
Errands: Yes
Driving: Will need a vehicle to run errands and pick the children up from school.

Position Requirements
Work Hours: Monday through Friday, occasional weekends.
Experience: Experience working a similar role
Background: Pass stringent background checks

Personality Traits

Friendly, honest, responsible, reliable and active: meaning, have fun with the boys but keep them safe.

Position Compensation
Pay: $25/hr

Living Accommodations: Live In in guest wing or live out.
Can discuss more upon hire

Caregiver must be willing to format resume to the template provided.
Please apply with your formatted resume, any letters of recommendation, references, and certifications. All applicable nannies will be contacted.

PromiseThank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon!

– Team Los Angeles Nannies

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