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We are constantly adding steps to our candidate screening / nanny process in order to keep up with industry standards and improving our selection process. We are fortunate enough to be affiliated with the International Nanny Association and follow their strict guidelines. We also comply fully with CALIFORNIA CODES HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE SECTION 1596.60-1596.68 via TrustLine to provide the absolute best protection for your children and your family, click here to see laws that apply to employment agencies.

It’s all too easy for a candidate to use someone else’s identity, provide false references, or exaggerate their previous experience. About 35% of people who have applied for a job have lied on their resume. When it comes to finding someone who will spend a significant part of their day with your children, we have to be 100% certain they are honest and trustworthy


Our nanny process changes frequently to keep up with industry standards and to maintain the quality of our candidates. For nannies, we have two applications, an initial application screen to ensure that candidates meet our requirements, as well as an in-depth character application that assesses experience, childcare philosophies and the personality of a candidate .


After a candidate's applications, certifications, social media and online presence have been reviewed and approved, we will move on to a brief telephone interview. The telephone interview is a brief look into a candidate's personality, interview etiquette, and professionalism.


Should the candidate excel during the telephone interview, we will conduct a longer, more in-depth video interview where we meet candidates face to face. During the video interview, we discuss a candidate's experience, asking probing, long form questions to get to the heart of each caregiver's childcare strategy, philosophy, morals, ethics and motivations. Looking at the resume, cover letter, references and applications, we leave no stone unturned.


For the select few that make it past the video interview, we conduct multiple background checks to cross-analyze our findings. We search various databases, including the Sex Offenders Registry Search, Global Watchlist Search, Motor Vehicle Search National, Federal and County Criminal Search. We can also conduct additional checks by request at an additional charge.


TrustLine is California's only certified background check that is required by all domestic employees to be registered with. The TrustLine database contains fingerprints and from the California Department of Justice’s California Criminal History System, The Child Abuse Central Index of California, and The fingerprint records of the FBI Criminal History System that cannot be accessed by private background check companies. To read more on this, please click here.


All of the above information, including additional Los Angeles Nannies tailored documents, gathered during our nanny screening process will be presented to you prior to interviewing candidates, so you can make an informed, secure decision when choosing your perfect nanny. We can also conduct additional checks by request at an additional charge.

Are you ready for a new job today? Or planning to start your search, but unsure of your timeline?  Regardless of where you are in the process, we encourage you to sign up with us! You’ll have access to up-to-date job openings, and can get a feel for the work that we do for you.  Going through the nanny process now also means that although your dream job may not be posted at this moment, we will have your information on file and can get in touch as soon as we find the position you’ve been searching for!