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Nanny Red Flags to Look out for

Hiring a nanny can be a daunting, intimidating process, especially for new parents or parents who haven’t had extensive experience in the childcare industry. The interview process is a crucial time to weed out unworthy applicants, but how can one really know whether or not a candidate is right for the job?

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What is TikTok

As a Nanny Agency made up of millennials, we like to think of ourselves experts on two things: kids and social media. Growing up we beta tested MySpace, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat and like to think of ourselves as both social media savvy and technologically capable of staying safe on the internet. However, one thing still eludes us: TikTok

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What is a Nanny1

What is a Nanny?

When we ask nannies what they look for in a family, we get one of two answers: to feel like part of the family, and to be treated with respect. Hearing stories about nannies who have been treated like subhumans in the household inspired us to create the Honest House Promise, our commitment to promoting and encouraging healthy work environments for nannies.

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