Los Angeles Nannies


At Los Angeles Nannies we vet and source the most caring, qualified, and educated nannies, to better complement and suit the requirements of your family.

Tutors / Private Educators​

A tutor can provide focused, one-on-one guidance for students of all levels, in a vast area of subject matter. Whether your child needs extra help with homework, guided lessons, or additional teaching, we can help you find a qualified and patient tutor to make learning fun and gratifying for your child. We have met a large number of nannies that were previously school teachers looking for something new.

Travel Nannies​

Does your family frequently travel the world for business or fun? We can help you find the perfect travel manny to supervise and entertain your children while maintaining their schedules, and your standards, abroad. With valid passports and lots of experience jet setting, our travel nannies are experts caring for children on-the-go, experienced in the logistics of getting your kids safely through security, to tutoring and playing abroad.

Full-Time & Part-Time Nannies

A Full-Time nanny typically works 5 days a week. They work between 8-10 hours per day or at least 35 or more hours per week. They can help with a wide range of duties.

A Part-Time nanny typically works 2-5 days a week. They work between 4-10 hours per day- give the need of the family.

Mothers helpers, summer nannies, and after-school nanny or manny are ideal when determining part-time help. Parents if you’re seeking a caregiver who works 29 or fewer hours per week a part-time nanny is ideal.

Newborn Care Specialists​

Our experts are there to assist you in your greatest life transition. from overnight care, to sleep conditioning and maintaining health practices, newborn care specialists are individuals with extensive and specific training in all things infant. our specialists are ready and willing to be there for you in the first months of your child’s life.
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Family Assistants

Need help scheduling, planning trips, maintaining children’s calendars, and managing household staff? Our family assistants are detail-oriented, organized individuals who are well versed in all things household, including cooking and other basic chores you may not have considered. with extensive experience in assisting busy families stay on track, our assistants can help you do it all; so you have more time with your family.

ABA Nannies​​

Applied behavior analysis nannies are highly trained individuals with professional experience in caring for children with unique needs. Some examples could be children that exhibit physical aggression, are on the autism spectrum, are diagnosed with ADHD, and many other challenges. With ABA experience, our nannies can focus on your child’s needs and create a fun and stimulating environment for them to thrive. ask us for more details.​


If you’re looking for someone to train your children up to fine tune their tennis game or to simply run them around the park practicing drills for hours, we have the guys that can help you achieve that. We have met a large number of nannies that have studied kinesiology, or competed in sports at a professional level, or coached and supported individuals and teams in a school setting; we’re certain we can help you find the person you’re looking for.​

We are looking forward to hearing how we can help you!