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Location: Studio City, CA

Temp Position Los Angeles –  We have a 10 day live in position starting August 17th through 26th in Studio City with an amazing 4 year old boy. Both parents are out of town so they need someone reliable, Independent, highly communicative and safety conscious that they can rely on. They will have a family friend pop by here and there to give you some down time but you will primarily be responsible for him.

He will be finished with Summer School so the days will be flexible and open to suggestions! A typical day would fall along the lines of wake up, prepare a semi-decent breakfast (not expecting gourmet) then hang at the house for a while, dive into a few games. Then throw some clothes on and seize the day, get outside and active, a strong knowledge of the local area would be fantastic, local parks, activities, and kid friendly hotspots are very easily accessible in Studio City. Healthy lunch, either out and about or back at the house then another activity. He’s a pretty typical 4 year old so you really can’t go wrong with any type of sport, legos, crafts, creating etc! They rest of the day will play out as snack, after TV break, dinner, bath, PJ’s, bed; then you can throw on a movie and chill.

The parent would prefer that guests are not invited over, they would love updates often with plenty of pictures, they don’t leave him that often but they certainly will not micromanage from a distance so expect to be in control and feel comfortable in doing so.

They are offering $250 a day cash so the 10 days will bring in $2,500.

If you are available to commit for the whole term please reach out with a resume, letters from previous families and / or reference details. Thank you and we look forward to reading more about you.

Caregiver must be aged 21+
Caregiver must be Fluent in English
Caregiver must be able to make the full commitment
Caregiver must be able to drive
Caregiver must be a US Citizen or Legal Resident
Caregiver must have outstanding references
Caregiver must have a clean criminal record and motor vehicle record
Caregiver must hold a current CPR, First Aid/AED Certificate (or complete upon hire)
Caregiver must have professional child care experience

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