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Location: Mt Washington, Los Angeles, CA.

Temporary Mount Washington Nanny needed with a Family for a few days from 7:30am-7:30pm (12 hour days) for $20 per hour. The schedule is

Sept 7th – 7.30am – 7.30pm
Sept 8th – 7.30am – 7.30pm
Sept 11 – 15th – 7.30am-7.30pm
Sept 16th – 2pm-11pm 

They have a 6-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl, you would hang during the day with the girl, do school pick up and complete the after-school routine with both of them.

A breakdown of the day can be seen below:

Nanny arrives 7.30am helps 2-year-old girl finish up breakfast. Mom will drive 6-year-old to school at 7.50am.

Morning is spent reading, playing with girl, outside play etc. She generally sleeps for up to 2/3 hours around noon. This means lunch can come early for her or after school.

School Pick up – times vary slightly and according to any after school programs but pick up on average that week at 2.30pm. School is a 6 mins drive from house

Will most likely bring them straight home after school.

Once back home, you would work on homework, prep a snack , and hang/playtime before dinner.  At 5pm there will be dinner prep and into bath times, bedtime routines with girl going down for 6.30/7pm and boy at 7.30pm. Bedtimes have to be enforced or it becomes a ripple effect of mood that continues into the next day, and the next.

Caregiver must be aged 21+
Caregiver must be Fluent in English
Caregiver must be able to drive
Caregiver must be a US Citizen or Legal Resident
Caregiver must have outstanding references
Caregiver must be willing to complete TrustLine Registration upon hire
Caregiver must have a clean criminal record and motor vehicle record
Caregiver must hold a current CPR, First Aid/AED Certificate (or complete upon hire)
Caregiver must have professional child care experience (including 2 years of professional nanny experience)
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