Los Angeles Nannies

Location: Westwood, Los Angeles, CA.

A very busy family living in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, CA are looking for a professional Driver to keep charge and oversee their vehicles and assist with pick ups and drop off.

The would like to pay around $30 per hour, the hours would typically be Monday – Friday from 12:00pm-6:00pm.

The ideal candidate would have years of experience as a driver, preferably working closely with a family, including children. Their driving record must be clean, have experience driving a variety of different vehicles, a basic understanding of vehicle maintenance (the dealerships will take care of most of the tune-ups).
Somebody with a sound knowledge of LA streets, freeways and on/off-peak times, a driver that can get you from A to B avoiding C all without the use of a GPS system (GPS can be used!)

Experience in a staffed home is also important, as is a fluency in English, excellent references and a full understanding of Traffic Law.

Excellent communication is needed while obeying all cell phone on the road laws.

Please send resume, letters from previous employers, references and a clear photo, all qualified candidates will be contacted.

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