Working from home with a nanny around

Working from home with a nanny around

Many companies have discovered the benefits of having employers working from home with low to no cost workspaces. It has increased productivity, and a hundred percent 100% of show-up-for-work-on-time. There is no wonder in it that employers are happy to continue their work from home while many parents are facing new challenges as well.

Working from home with a nanny around is good experience for parents. Everyone knows to work from home goes from temporary to permanent. Parents are struggling to find nannies so that they can work effectively. If you are facing with same problems then we are here to sort it out. Plenty of nannies are working with parents who are doing their jobs from home even before the pandemic. Here are our top tips on how to effectively work from home with a nanny. 

SET SOME BOUNDARIES for Working from Home with a Nanny Around

If you are hiring a new nanny during this time, it is necessary to disclose with her that one or both parents will be working from home with a nanny around. Its also easy for parents who are working from home with a nanny around to keep eye on nanny work. It may help to seek out a nanny who has experience in caretaking while parents are at home, as she will be having good knowledge on how to work more smoothly and let parents work easier.

Being a nanny is always a stressful challenge and trying to keep children in the other room is incredibly difficult while their parents are just working from another place of the home. Some nannies are unable to tackle with that challenge. If your nanny seems hesitant or is uncomfortable working in that type of situation, you should talk to her to make her comfortable or you should try to seek out a nanny who is having experience in it.


When working from home with a nanny around, once you and your nanny have decided to move forward, ensure that you both are having the same sense about everything related to your children. Children need consistency, especially if they have multiple caretakers under the same roof at once. Be sure to communicate your parenting and disciplinary styles so that you and your nanny can adhere to the same set of guidelines.

Working from home with a nanny around is a best experience. If you have set the boundaries with your children that your office is off-limits during working hours but they barge in any way and you don’t remain consistent with discipline as they continue to push the boundaries and make it incredibly difficult for you and your nanny to effectively provide care. Consider your nanny a partner in your children’s care so that they can be stopped to defer you.

working from home with a nanny around


Working from home with a nanny around is a best experience. Kids require boundaries in all areas of life to better understand their role and where they fit in. If they will have their parents around all day then they will try to take advantages of this at whatever costs. And its also opportunity for parents who working from home with a nanny around. No matter how hard your nanny tries to keep them away from you. To tackle with this parents need to establish a home office area with a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Make it clear to your children that when Mom or Dad is in their office they must not be interrupted. Ideally, this office space should be in a private room, not out in the open so that it must be out of sight and mind of the kid. To minimize distractions, keep a mini-fridge and coffee maker inside of your office to limit sightings and therefore curb disruptions in the children’s schedules. If there are any toys or any other equipment which are useful for your kid are stored in the room  you have repurposed for your office, make sure to remove them before starting your work.



As with boundaries, children thrive with a clear routine. They will understand what is coming next and what is expected from them will greatly assist parents and their nanny while you work from home. If parents are having any important meeting, then the nanny should take the children for a walk or play the quiet game to ensure minimal distractions towards parents.

It will be a great idea to make a timetable for the day. For example, what will be lunch or snack time? what time will you meet your children? etc.. Knowing that for children that they will get to see their parents at a certain time will help quell their need to barge in willy nilly and will give them something to look forward to as well as a much-deserved break for your nanny.


After you have set up and communicated about all, you have to let your nanny do his/her job so that you can focus on your own business. You hired your nanny because he/she was trustworthy, dependable, warm, caring and the best fit for your children. Trust that they can handle the situation to the best of their ability. Avoid from checking on them unannounced as that can disrupt their activities. If you hear a tantrum or crying, resist the urge to check, this sends the message to your children that you don’t trust your nanny’s ability to take care of them. If it is something serious, don’t worry your nanny will inform you. In the presence of your children, make sure that you uphold the nanny’s authority. 

If your child asks your nanny for a treat but your nanny says no, and your child then defers to you and you say “yes” then you’ve just set a precedent. Now every time your nanny says something your child does not like, they will come seeking you. If you disagree for some reason with your nanny’s choices, speak to them about it away from your children but avoid to say that in front of children. You want your children to trust and respect your nanny so that it can be easier for a nanny to take care of your children with ease.
We don’t have to reiterate that we are living in strange times with uncharted territory. We all are learning new ways to cope and adjust every day. Los Angeles Nannies are here for you. If you require any advice or have any question about working from home with your nanny around, or if you are looking for a new nanny. We would love to hear your home stories

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Common Questions & Answers:

Working from home around nanny means parents work from home instead going to office for work and keep eye on nanny work.

When nanny work in a home and kids parents work from home instead of going office somewhere, nannies face challenges like communication with kids parents and require boundaries for nanny.

When parents working from home, they should establish an office inside home to make it clear that children must not be interrupted.

Make a plan as with boundaries, children thrive with a clear routine. They will understand what is coming next and what is expected from them will greatly assist parents and their nanny while you work from home.

You hired your nanny because she was trustworthy, dependable, warm, caring.