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Father's Daughter Dance Day

Father’s Day in 2016 – What Should We Do?! Father's Day Robin Williams Billy Crystal

Here we are again, time to show our love and appreciation for the coolest guy out there! Check out some ideas for gifts, activities, and more to do with Dad this year (and how the Nanny can help!)


Paper Weight:

dad rocks paper weight father's day craft idea with nannyThis relatively easy craft caught our eye because, unlike some, ahem, less attractive (can we say that?) crafts, it’s not something you want to hide away in the keepsake box.  The ingredients consist of salt, water, pebbles, gravel and flour.

Using a cookie sheet you can bake off the neutral colored weight in no time, and the kids can customize any message they’d like.  


Get the full rundown for the pebble paperweight at www.craftsbyamanda.com.



Succulent Planter:dinosaur succulent planter

We wanted to put together a list of crafts that you WANT to keep around the house, and this one hit it out of the park.  Find a sizable, rubbery, and malleable toy that your kids are willing to part with, (well, sort of part with.)  With adult supervision and an exacto knife, transform the toy into a vessel to house a beautiful succulent that you can pick out together from the nursery or plant store.  This one got a coat of silver spray paint but the possibilities are endless. Our thoughts? A great way to recycle an old toy and a great gift for Dad!

Head over to www.themagiconions.com to get full details on this craft.


Picnic at the Park:  

Gift ideas for father's day picnic basketAs we like to say here, a classic never dies. Grab a basket,
a blanket and a frisbee and head to the law to enjoy some
food and games with the family.
Take the headache of shopping and prepping out by asking the nanny to help.
With the extra hands to run to deli and pack up all the supplies in advance,
the kids can spend time with Dad assembling sandwiches and
doing the fun stuff before heading out the door.



What will you be doing this Father’s Day?  Share your ideas with us, and ESPECIALLY share with the number 1 guy in your life!