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Vancouver Based Language Immersion Nanny


Location: Vancouver, Canada

Lovely family with a  3 year old boy is seeking a VANCOUVER BASED NANNY ONLY who is foreign born with Arabic (from an Arabic country) or Mandarin (from China) or Spanish (any Spanish speaking country is ok) or Hindi (from India), as their FIRST LANGUAGE for a full time position until April 2017. Seeking multicultural experience for this very smart and joyful child, who is learning several languages already.
Position will start in early December FULL TIME, and will then go to part time starting April 2017

They are seeking a nanny who grew up in a foreign country (with one of the above languages spoken there) for a minimum of 18-20 years, so that the nanny’s home country, culture and language are well integrated in her. 

You must be willing to live in Hawaii TWO WEEKS every month until April 2017 as family spends time at their other home in Hawaii. Family will pay for all travel expenses, food, lodging and activities. 

Nurturing, loving and big hearted nannies are required! Must truly enjoy children and be open to helping them learn about your culture and language. You will be asked not to speak in English around the child and when you need to communicate you would be asked to speak quietly or write down your needs so that the child will only speak that foreign language with you and not English.

The creativity of the nanny is also an asset because they would like the child to develop his creative side (painting, music…). Also a big asset is if you are interested in personal development.

The boy goes to school 3 days a week in the morning when he is in Hawaii.

Seeking nanny to start in December, please email resumes, references and letters of recommendation to info@angelesmannies.com