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angeles mannies male nanny needed in Moscow russia

Start date: ASAP

Location: Moscow, Russia

Day/Hours: 50 hours a week, Monday to Friday 2pm – 9pm roughly, when there is no kindergarten – 10am -10pm

Children:  boy of 3y10m years old, 1.5 years old (toddler has a nanny), this job is mainly with the boy

Driver necessary – it’s a plus but they have a family driver

General notes: The family lives in Moscow, Russia and are offering a live out position but with accommodation provided. (It will be a studio or a room in a flat not far from work in the greenest and safest area or Moscow). The work is mainly with the older boy, who speaks English and is very positive and active. The family also have a small team in the house – a part-time cook, a live in cleaner, and a live in Russian nanny who is working with the baby. The boy attends a Montessori preschool in the mornings, so the position is from 2pm – 9pm roughly, Monday to Friday with occasional trips abroad with the family. The manny needs to pick the boy up from school, play with him, plan and do DIY projects, read books in English (the boy loves it), encourage sport, take him to swimming lessons, to the park and a playground, talk to him about his day, tidy bedroom with the boy, maintain a healthy daily routine, iron only the boy’s clothes, sometimes cook together, bake, make smoothies and have fun. The boy is very musical, so it would be a big plus if a manny plays an instrument or sings.

Holidays: 28 days plus 7 days of bank holidays
Pay: up to $600 per week DOE

Flights and visas paid by family

Click here to apply or submit resume and cover letter to info@angelesmannies.com, looking for candidates from the US and UK.


danny the manny los angeles mannies of the world childcare

Danny the Manny: Mannies of the World (Guest Blogger – Danny Wakefield)

This week we decided to bring in another guest blogger to talk about HIS take on male nannies and what he feels they can bring to the household. Danny Wakefield (AKA Danny the Manny) has found himself caring for children for as long as he knows.

Professional Manny | Super Manny |Travel Nanny | Adventure Nanny |Photographer | Dog Lover | Dreamer | Lover of Life | Optimist | World Sight Seeker|

danny the manny los angeles mannies childcare

On top of his impressive Instagram resume, he is also an all-round great person and caring soul.

Let’s see what Danny has to say on the topic of being a male nanny

Danny Wakefield – Early life

Ever since I was a young child, I’ve found myself surrounded by babies. I used to think that it was ironic that no matter where in the world I was or why I was there, I was always in the presences of young beings. As I’ve grown, I’ve found that it wasn’t irony that was drawing me to babies and young children; it was my destiny. The first time that I knew I wanted to be a manny was when I was twelve years old. It was at this age that I started babysitting regularly, and would often find myself daydreaming about becoming Angelina Jolie’s nanny. At the time, she didn’t even have children, but as her family has grown and blossomed, I am able to see why my twelve year old self was drawn to her.

After High School

As soon as I graduated high school, I dove into beginning my professional career as a manny. While supporting the daily development of children, I was also able to put myself through school to get my first degree in Early Elementary Education and a second in Early Childhood Family Studies with a focus on Child Development and Autism. When I finished my degree and was able to pair that with my experience, my career as a manny really took off.

Being a professional manny has not only taught me a tremendous amount about children, but also about family dynamics and how to navigate relationships with parents. I’ve learned how to create environments that open lines of communication while also empowering parents the be the best they can be, all along continuing to create a space for them to lean into the support I’m able to provide as a manny. There have been a few hard situations with families that I have been in, but I’ve always found that when one door closes with a family, another one always opens.

Pushback from Society

Through my career as a manny, I’ve also experienced some push back from society and parents alike in regards to my decision to be a male nanny. My abilities and credentials are often questioned. What I’ve found though, is that as soon as people see me with children, they no longer question my choices because they are able to see the level of passion that I have towards being a present, grounding force in the lives of children. They see the way that children flock to me in a way that can only be explained through experiencing it, not through words. They see that my gender doesn’t quantify the quality of care that I am able to provide for children; my love and passion for children does. As a manny, I can be mothering, nurturing, and be an example of positive masculinity all at the same time. I strive to create an environment where my kids feel safe to shed stereotypes and labels. I crave to instill confidence in them to find the courage to push beyond the boundaries of the boxes that society puts them in. I dig deep to drive through the constraints of societies stereotypes in order to live as my authentic self, and to be the best example for children that I can be.

Danny the Manny – A life filled with love

danny the manny los angeles mannies childcareOne thing that  I’ve loved the most about being a manny is being able to combine my passion for children and traveling the world. As an adventure manny, I often accompany my families on vacations and work travel all over the world. I’ve had the privilege of seeing the world in the best way possible, through the eyes of children. To date I’ve been able to travel internationally to Morocco, London, Paris, Tokyo, Germany, and Austria. I’ve also been all over the states including: New York, DC, Arizona, Florida, California, Washington, Hawaii, and Idaho. While traveling
with families I’ve found that it presents
it’s own set of rewards and challenges. There is new layer of accountability and responsibility that comes with caring for children while on the road. I’ve traveled with families where I’ve been on the clock for the entire duration of the vacation, sometimes many weeks at a time, and also with families that consciously make sure that I get a bit of Danny downtime. I’ve found the most important tool to use while traveling with children is to bring as much of their routine on the road with us as possibly. I always make sure to pack their favorite bedtime stories, pictures to decorate the room with, blankies, and other small items that help them to feel at home while away. Over the years, my world has become so much more colorful because I’ve been given the gift of seeing it through the same lens as children.



There are many profound reasons that make this the perfect career choice for me. But what fills my heart the most is knowing that as a manny, I have the ability to change the lives of little beings. Those little beings then go out and change the world. As a manny, I have the ability to change the world, one little being at a time. While at the same time, those same little beings are changing my life – Danny the Manny.

You can follow Danny’s Instagram here.

If you’re interested in sharing your story of why you became a caregiver or if you’re looking for somebody just like Danny, please contact us here!

life as a manny

“Oh, a manny, like, a male nanny? That’s good!”

– This was the response I got 90% of the time when I was asked how old my darling children were as they see us wrestling in the park or picking out candy as they hide behind my leg. It’s a compliment that the children I care for show the level of comfort with me that would lead someone to assume I was the father (I don’t plan on having children for a while!).

But in truth I was the nanny (manny). A great portion of my life has been spent caring for children in most capacities. Being the eldest of 4 I quickly became the nurturing big brother, graduating to caring for the friends of my mum’s children, eventually moving overseas and caring for the children of complete strangers. I was very good at what I did and it didn’t take me long to realize that as I looked around the gymnastics studio or playground, I was heavily outnumbered, to the point where I was the ONLY male.

‘Novelty Factor’

At 1st I enjoyed the novelty of being ‘the only one’, and the kids also seemed to relish in the fact that their nanny was ‘cooler’ than the others. Plus, for some reason I was the only one there that wasn’t afraid to get sucked in, playing tag and being chased by the kids through the playground. I’d build up a little crew and we’d play a few games together; my camp counselor days were coming out again.

As time went on I thought more and more about why male childcare was almost non-existent around Los Angeles so decided to research. I asked many parents who said that they would definitely be open to the idea, but it just sounded strange, ‘open to the idea’ like they’d be doing society a favor by entertaining such an idea, so I delved further.

I found that with a number of moms I spoke with (no names mentioned for confidentiality) feel a manny must have an ulterior motive for hanging out with children all day, they couldn’t understand that a male would be content ‘simply looking after kids’. This shocked me for a number of reasons which I can break down:

  • ‘ulterior motive’ assumes a strong lack of trust in the male caregiver
  • ‘how could a man be content’ assumes we are destined for bigger things and should set our sights higher?
  • ‘how could a man be content’ – assumes a female should be content ‘simply looking after kids’!

What I gleaned from everyone I spoke with was that it boils down to so-called ‘old-fashioned’ gender bias, where the males http://www.eta-i.org/valium.html should be out making the real money and the females should be caring for the young. It also brought up the aspect of criminality of men and how most sexually related crimes are committed by men. I found it so hard to wrap my head around some of the things I was hearing that I decided to try to change things.

I started an agency in LA, Angeles Mannies. All childcare staffing agencies generate 95% of their revenue from the nannies they provide, I aim to generate my 95% from MANNIES. My aim is to show that male caregivers have so much more to add to a family than one might think and that archaic stereotypes and misconceptions may be restricting your child from many experiences they so crave. The mannies we place can do everything a female can do, cooking, cleaning, washing; if you think that only a female is capable and/or willing to do these tasks, you may need to readdress that belief. The mannies we place are family assistants, versatile and willing. The compliment I get about my mannies most of the time is that parents aren’t afraid to ask them to do something through fear of getting that ‘that isn’t my job’ look that they’re used to. Whether it’s helping with a move or taking the car to get the tires inflated, a manny really can be your 1-stop-shop. Plus, the protection aspect of a large, male domineering presence gives the parents a sense of security when their children are out of the house.

For obvious reasons, all of Angeles Mannies are competently background checked, including their work and education history as well as a thorough criminal check, the same checks you would give a female nanny.

With nannies taking a beating in the local media lately, whether it’s an affair or shocking footage caught on a nanny-cam, the gender of the person you invite into your home and trust beyond all doubt should not be an issue. You as a parent have to make the decision as to whether a male or a female presence would be the best fit for your family and more importantly, your children

Fortunately, I am in contact with a number of families that I have placed mannies with that are beyond happy with the new guy in their life. I myself when working as a manny would be met with strange looks from moms when I would turn up to their house with my charges for playdates, only to be asking my availability as we were leaving. It’s great for people to see what we have to offer!


princess and me parties best los angeles character company cinderella snow white mermaid ariel elsa frozen rapunzel tinkerbell sofia sophia first

Daniel Butcher of Angeles Mannies sat down with Ali Williams, owner and founder of Princess and me Parties with a few questions –


Danny: How long have you been transforming birthday parties into magical wonderlands and what prompted you to begin?

Ali: As a child I walked about the house in “sparkle shoes” shouting lines from my favorite movie “The Princess Bride”, so you could say I had a thing for princesses. Throughout school I studied theater and always enjoyed spending time with children. The true journey began back in Orlando when I began my 3 year adventure in a new pair of sparkle shoes; I portrayed Cinderella in the theme park, then I continued my portrayal in Anaheim before deciding on a new path. After working for several other companies for a year, I decided I wanted to start my own business. We’re coming up on 2 years and what an amazing 2 years it’s been. We’re now one of the top five princess party companies in the Los Angeles area. I started with a dream and a sewing machine and here I am! If my friend Cinderella taught me anything, it’s to always keep on believing, and some day your dreams will come true.

 Danny: What was your biggest issue at the beginning of this adventure?

Ali: There have been so many wonderful learning experiences along the way that I am so grateful for. I’ve never run my own business before, so getting the paperwork for insurance and licensing was quite daunting. I decided to just jump in and figure it out as I went! Out of all the things I have learned so far, I have to say that website development has been my favorite. It’s very much like a game; every time you think you have things figured out, you level up and discover more. Every day I learn a better way to execute a task and it’s fantastic.

Danny: You are called Princess and Me Parties, should I assume you have no Captain Jack Sparrows or Prince Charming’s for boys parties??

Ali: While we are called Princess and Me Parties we do offer male characters such as several of the coordinating princes to our princess characters and a few superheroes and pirates too! We have 33 characters and growing. Believe it or not, we find that most boys love our princess parties too. They usually sit in the back during story time and shout out all the answers, then they open up and it’s adorable. Even our face painting has masculine and feminine design options. Our parties are fun for all guests.

Danny: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about you and your Princesses?

Ali: Oh goodness there’s so much I’d love to share! Hmmm let’s see, I know! We have spent a lot of time coming up with what we believe to be the perfect princess party. Our activities have been tested, our costumes have been sewn in house with special attention to detail, and our characterizations have been practiced, but when it comes down to the party, we’re there to make it the most magical day ever for that birthday child. Our most magical moments have been when a birthday child and a character take a moment and just connect with some giggles, hugs, and discussions of happily ever afters. Everything else stops. We’re there for that child on a day they’ll never forget.


For more on Ali, Princess & Me Parties or to book your very own dream come true visit:


Follow Ali and Princess & Me Parties on social media:

Instagram: @PrincessAndMePartiesLosAngeles

Facebook: PrincessAndMePartiesLosAngeles




Family Traveling from London Manny for 2 boys in Los Angeles LA Mannies

Location – Beverly Hills, CA, US.

2 boys aged 6 and 8 will be flying in Los Angeles and staying at a hotel for 1 month. The family needs a manny to keep their boys company with them while they are in town.

Somebody with a excellent knowledge of LA and things to do for boys of their age, activities, Universal Studios etc etc. Looking for somebody with lots of energy that can also calm the boys down when needed as they will be bringing homework packets that will also need to be completed (with minimal supervision). This is an excellent position for a student with paid childcare experience, looking to make some money over the summer. They have a driver but a car is required as you will hold flexible hours.

Days and hours Mon – Friday approximately 10am-8pm
Pay – $25/h

Click here to apply or submit resume and cover letter to info@angelesmannies.com


Nanny Venice Beach California Los Angeles Mannies Male Nanny Nanny Nannies Domestic Staffing

Location – Venice, CA, US.

A busy family in Venice needs a nanny to care for their 6 month old baby boy. The parents are very hands-on. They work in 2 different locations and most of the time, you will accompany the mom on her day to day. As the boy gets older, you will begin to spend more and more time at the house with him.

The perfect nanny will have at least 2 years of experience caring for babies, familiar with sleep training, routines, cleanliness and nurture. They are looking for someone that they can really connect with and will work with them in a close dynamic. The hours are set Mon-Fri 8-4pm but the family would appreciate flexibility. They are offering up to $22/h DOE and benefits after 6 months.

Click here to apply or submit resume and cover letter to info@angelesmannies.com

Full Time Tennis Manny Needed in Beverly HIlls Childcare Nanny Agency Los Angeles

Location – Beverly Hills, CA, US.


A great family in Beverly Hills seeking a Manny for their 11 year old boy. Ideally Wednesday to Sunday, but the family can be flexible for the right person. The salary is $75k/year and up depending on experience. Exceptional tennis experience is essential, preferably ex-professional or long-term coach.
It’s is a very hands on job that requires a lot of presence and attention to the well being of their son. have to be available to go out of town in a moments notice and adjust to each location of what is needed to provide a fun and physical schedule with the tennis as a priority.
It includes afternoons and evenings, and both Weekend days. You may able need to get him ready for school, wake up time, breakfast, medicine if necessary and driving to school.
It is a very intuitive job but the candidate must also be able to follow instructions to a T and give the family the piece of mind http://www.xanaxlowprice.com they are looking for. Must be independent and very loyal.
It encompasses being in charge of the son’s entire schedule from school activities, to meals, to tennis lessons, along with any doctors appointments and meetings. Organize playdate with friends, and stimulate his mind.
The candidate must bring a team work mentality and show by example, yet also be goofy and have fun.
A good level of tennis and experience is definitely preferred as a huge part of the job depends on it. Having a tennis intellect and the know how is a must. The person will come in contact with various coaches and be surrounded by a lot of tennis players. Signing him up for tournaments and knowing what tournaments must be presented would help a lot. A good knowledge of the SoCal region and clubs would be preferred as a lot of driving is required.
Click here to apply or submit resume and cover letter to info@angelesmannies.com


Angeles Mannies Manny Nanny position in Malibu Childcare

Location – Malibu, CA, US.

MALIBU family is looking for a PART-TIME educated manny to work with their busy 2 year old boy. The family is amazing, and they treat everyone with kindness. The schedule is Tues-Th-Sat from 8am-3pm. $25/hour.

The manny’s days will be spent planning fun outdoor/indoor activities, playing with toy cars in the dirt, swimming, hiking/nature walks, and POTTY TRAINING will be started soon. This will be a great job for a manny that loves being outdoors and can COMMIT to the part-time schedule.


Click here to apply or submit resume and cover letter to info@angelesmannies.com


Part Time Manny Entertainment Lawyer in Studio City Angeles Mannies Male Nanny Childcare in LA Los Angeles

Location – Studio City, CA, US.

A client in the entertainment industry is looking for a manny for her 3 yr old boy. Responsible for picking him up from pre-school, maybe grabbing a bite, heading home and playing until she comes home; the details are:

2 afternoons/week


Click here to apply or submit resume and cover letter to info@angelesmannies.com



Angeles Mannies is open!

It seems these days that everyone is starting a blog.  At the risk of sounding redundant, I’d like to tell you my reason for jumping on board.

I recently turned 31.  Year 30 was filled with turbulence both personally and professionally. Now that the dust has settled (sort of) I want to share my reflections, experiences, and goals as a male nanny in Los Angeles. The aim is to spread the word about a career that I’m passionate about, and to connect with like-minded people that share the same beliefs.

To achieve these goals,  I’ve started a recruiting agency specializing in a niche market: Male Nannies. If you’re wondering what makes me an authority on the subject, I can impart to you that I’ve spent the better part of my years looking after children and studying childcare. The path has been so natural to me that I now look after the children of some of Hollywood’s elite. Intrigued?  Visit the company’s site at www.angelesmannies.com.  And if I’m being blunt about the reason for the blog? My website designer also suggested starting a blog as a way to improve my SEO ranking in Google and drive more traffic to my site, so there’s also that… Everyone wants their website to gain more visitors, so why wouldn’t I? I figure it could help me come out of my “social media shell”, and also a way for me to relieve some stress and provide some sort of catharsis; I’d take 30 minutes, write stuff down, and post it online.

The Agency, or Angeles Mannies, is a male focused domestic staffing agency, with an emphasis on childcare.

Here’s a few reasons I went this route:

– always wanted to be a self-starter and use my entrepreneurial mind set
– found other childcare staffing agencies to be somewhat lacking in their emphasis on male childcare (I’ve used many)
– I want to demonstrate to the world the importance of a male role-model in a child’s life and to facilitate the placement of a male care-giver into a domestic setting (did I mention that already?)
– I have had a number of people tell me that I should start something like this, and I gave into the peer pressure (which is not something I advise children to do for the record!)

There’s a short bio on AM’s website, but I thought the blog deserved its own “About Me”.  My name is Danny and childcare is my passion. I have essentially been in childcare since the age of 8 when my brother was born (I am the eldest of 4). From babysitting to teaching to summer camps to my work as a manny, children have always been present in my personal and professional life. I moved from Ipswich, England to Los Angeles, CA in 2012, and I’ve kept the accent.

As I write this, I think I will enjoy the transparency that this will give me. With Angeles Mannies, it is my intention to be open and honest with everyone I come across, as this has worked out very well for me so far, I think I will continue to do it with this blog.

Well, this was less than 30 minutes but it took a lot of ’emotional time’ to get to this point so it most likely took much longer than the ones that will follow.

I think I will end each one with a call to action, being my 1st ever blog, and 1st Angeles Mannies blog I’d like to know what you’d like to hear about, from starting a business to promoting yourself as an entrepreneur or as a male nanny, and the stigma that comes with it. From communicating with billionaires to discovering which celebrities kick ass at Charades, I’m sure I will be continuing this so please like, share and promote male nannies in a city near you; if you find it hard to vouch for mannies – stick around, these blogs will make it much easier.

Daniel Butcher