Los Angeles Nannies


Our process is carefully designed to make finding a nanny easier than ever. Our professional team of recruiters will advertise, interview, screen, verify, reference check and collect all pertinent information from
highly qualified candidates – all you have to do is meet them!
More details on our Client Process are below.



During an initial phone consultation, we identify the type of caregiver and the scope of the role based on the needs of your family. We ask that you be as detailed and transparent as possible so that we may provide nanny candidates that align with your family's dynamic and philosophy.


All clients are asked to sign a digital document detailing our fees, background checks, payment methods, candidate trials, timelines, liabilities, and our replacement offers. It is not a binding contract, but rather outlines the expectations of both parties to better serve your family.


In order to begin a search for your family's perfect nanny, we require an initial search fee to cover background checks, nanny interviews, meetings and advertising. This fee is nonrefundable.


In order to recruit the top candidates in the industry we require that our client families provide competitive salaries, and we encourage them to offer benefits such as guaranteed hours and paid time off for vacation and sick days. We can provide necessary legal documents and we strongly suggest utilizing a work agreement with your new nanny so that expectations may be clear from the get-go and can solidify a lasting, wonderful relationship.


Much like house hunting in a hot real estate market, the best nanny candidates do not stay available for long! With that said, we strongly advise you to move quickly when you've found an ideal caregiver. Don't keep looking just to see what else is out there, for that great candidate may have multiple offers on the table. Only you know what's best for your family.


As with any relationship, communication is a key component amongst you and your family as the client, and our team as your agency and advocates. Please be forthcoming with thoughts and feelings about candidates. Did you vibe with your candidate? Was it a total miss? What exactly was it that didn't work out? Knowing exactly what you are thinking and feeling better allows us to hone our search and find the perfect nanny for your family.


We keep your credit card details securely stored on file. We will never run charges without your knowledge, and is stored as a convenient way to process payments.