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We’ve created this resources page to offer insight into both how our agency functions and answers to a lot of questions we typically get asked.

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Given the current global atmosphere, we have decided to reinforce social distancing and therefore will not be sending any candidates out to interview or trial with a family. However, we will continue to accept applications, conduct video interviews and check references so that when the time comes we will be ready to match you with your perfect family. Looking on the bright side, we are excited about the unique opportunity we have to focus solely on our nannies and build strong applications and connections to assist you in your search.
We are based out of Los Angeles. We do not accept applications from nannies who are not currently living within the greater Los Angeles area.
To be a Los Angeles Nanny, we require that you are at least 21 years of age, have 5+ years of relevant and paid childcare experience, have a valid driver’s license and a reliable vehicle, live in the greater Los Angeles area, are legally authorized to work in the United States, are fluent in English and are technically savvy. As we are an agency staffing homes with children, our guidelines are extremely important and cannot be compromised upon.
Our process is rigorous to ensure that our clients are provided with the best childcare the industry has to offer. Should a nanny fit all of our requirements after submitting our application, we will reach out to them to conduct an introductory video interview with our Placement Specialist. From that point, they will then have a second, more in depth interview with our CEO. We will then collect and contact the applicant’s references, create a portfolio of relevant certifications, and send that candidate out to interview and trial with families.
Yes. We do not accept jobs from families who are unwilling to pay their employees legally.
No. Los Angeles Nannies is an agency dedicated to finding you your perfect family, but does not employ you.
No. As a nanny, you are under no financial obligations to Los Angeles Nannies. We do not take a cut of your pay.
There are a number of factors that go into who does and does not get chosen for an interview with a family. Our jobs are extremely competitive and our candidates extremely qualified. In most cases, the job you originally applied for with us has been filled by someone already in our system by the time your application has been approved. However, this means that you will be ready to go for the next round of open jobs. We have a number of resources available to assist nannies in strengthening their applications and making them more appealing in the eyes of a family.
At Los Angeles Nannies, we do not accept any jobs with a starting salary of less than $25/hour and on payroll. In addition, each job requires at least 20 hours of guaranteed work per week to ensure that our nannies financial needs are being met. We do have many jobs who’s salary range from $60,000 -$ 100,000 per year +.

For the most part, no, nor does unpaid volunteering count towards experience. Only paid opportunities with someone outside of your family count towards your childcare experience.

Entrusting someone into your home to look after your child is a huge responsibility that Los Angeles Nannies does not take lightly. We have a rigorous screening process in which we have two sets of applications, two rounds of interviews, conduct multiple background checks including Trustline, and personally calling references.

It depends on a number of factors, mostly pertaining to reaching out to various parties involved (families, nannies, references), but typically we like to wrap everything up in 2-4 weeks.

At Los Angeles Nannies, we have a wide variety of nannies with extensive backgrounds in their specific child care track. We represent Newborn Care Specialists, ABA Nannies, tutors, travel nannies, nannies trained in RIE, bilingual nannies, nannies with special needs experience, and more.
We have a large database of nannies who have been previously vetted and approved through our extensive process, which can greatly expedite the process for a busy family in a rush to find a caregiver. Los Angeles Nannies takes all of the difficult parts of finding a nanny and makes them simple and enjoyable for a family.
Los Angeles Nannies has the unique opportunity to find our candidates over multiple platforms. Many of our candidates come through referrals from satisfied nannies and families who have worked with us in the past. We also vet candidates through exclusive online sources and industry forums.
Yes! Los Angeles Nannies has an extensive hiring packet to assist families in checking all of their boxes during the hiring process. Whether you are a first time caregiving employer or a seasoned vet, our resources can supply vital information that may be otherwise overlooked. Our packet contains interview questions, in depth paperwork on the significance of reference checking, literature on important tax information for domestic workers, employment contracts for you and your nanny, and many other relevant resources that will benefit families in finding their perfect nanny.
While we ensure that through our extensive vetting process and our recommended trial phase you will have all you need to make the best decision for your family in hiring your new nanny, we do have a replacement window in case you are not fully satisfied. More information on this will be provided upon signing up with us.
Paying your nanny legally is important for many reasons. While it may seem like a pain now to sign and file tax documents when you could easily just pay your nanny under the table, there are too many things that can go wrong that will cause massive headaches and fines later. Paying your nanny legally ensures both of your financial safety. Should you decide to part ways with your nanny, they will be able to file for unemployment. Why does this matter to you? Because if they file for unemployment without any records of your employing them, you could be audited or have to pay a hefty fine. The same goes for if your nanny is injured on the job. These may seem unlikely, but paying your nanny legally is added insurance for your future with your caregiver.

At Los Angeles Nannies, we charge a search fee to begin a job search, and a commission only once a nanny we have provided for you has been hired. The flat fee is to cover background checks and time spent searching, reviewing, interviewing and reference calling.

Remember that your nanny is a caregiver to your child first and foremost. Their utmost responsibilities should involve primarily the maintenance of the health, safety and happiness of your child. It is absolutely within your discretion to request that your nanny assists in household chores such as laundry, meal prep, tidying and errand running, but it is paramount that you lay out the expectations during the hiring process, and that the added responsibilities do not interfere with the quality of support the nanny may lend as a child caregiver.

A nanny is an employee just like in any other business. They work hard and deserve access to healthcare, paid sick leave, and annual reviews with the possibility for a raise. While we at Los Angeles Nannies cannot require our families to supply any benefits to their nannies, we do gently recommend that treating your childcare provider well and with respect is an investment in your family. Our hiring packet for families details benefits and how to give them. Should you have any further questions about the specifics of benefits, please reach out to us.


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