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We recently helped a childcare whizz land a position with an amazing family in Sherman Oaks. He had actually never been a ‘Manny’ before, but had plenty of experience with children in other settings (camp, coaching, tutoring etc).

The thing that he was most nervous about was that he had never worked in somebody’s home before, playing hide and seek in his bosses closets was not something that came naturally to him. He also mentioned that he didn’t want to overstep his bounds and wasn’t sure what his job was when there were no children around to care for; what then? Mom had a change of plans and wants to see soccer practice, and dad decided an impromptu lunch visit to a museum was called for, or the entire family unit goes out to dinner instead.  That said, you might find yourself with some downtime at their house.  


To reduce the amount of time twiddling his thumbs while they’re out doing the family thing… I’m compiling 50 things a caregiver can do when kids are occupied (it may get repetitive but it’s a work in progress) – help appreciated!


  1. Walk the Dog
  2. Care for non-walkable pets (change water, clean food and water bowls)
  3. Kids laundry (if part of your job description)
  4. Childless Nanny
    Yes, we do all these things too!

    Wash up dishes (or load the dishwasher)

  5. Wipe counters (clean home is a happy home)
  6. Plan some upcoming activities  (or research them to keep in your back pocket)
  7. Sanitize toys (keep them pristine)
  8. Organize toys  (keep them looking tidy)
  9. Prep kids meals (be it lunch, snack or dinner – proactivity is key)
  10. Set up art projects (when you’re back in sole charge, have something ready to go)
  11. Research local activities and upcoming events
  12. Ask other staff if there’s anything you can help with (aka, cultivate those relationships!)
  13. Organize bookshelf (check pinterest for ideas on how to take this up a level)
  14. Organize Tupperware drawer/pantry (do you really need all those lids???)
  15. Organize toys (again, pinterest)
  16. Take out trash/recycling
  17. Clean out/organize kids clothes that don’t fit anymore (prep a kiddie fashion show)
  18. Change childrens bedding if required (if in the job description)
  19. Laundry
  20. Organize (and organize again)Childless Nanny
  21. LISTS! Put together a list of emergency contacts, a list of house repair contacts, etc.  
  22. Plan for the week, prepare crafts
  23. Update parents on how their child has been
  24. Throw out bad food in the fridge
  25. Restock any diapers. wipes, paper products
  26. Clean high chair (if there’s a highchair)
  27. Go gas up the car
  28. Clean and descale humidifier
  29. Sweep, vacuum
  30. Organize the pantry
  31. Tidy up the kids bedrooms and playroom
  32. Clean out the nanny-mobile
  33. Run quick errands for family (grocery, go grab take out etc)
  34. Alphabetize board games.
  35. Bake some cookiesChildless Nanny
  36. Clean and organized mommy diaper bag.
  37. Check expiration medicine.
  38. Make a grocery list
  39. Fold laundry
  40. Pick up the mail
  41. Build a surprise fort
  42. Organize closets
  43. Color coordinate shirts
  44. Read about your kids stage development.
  45. Check for vaccines they may need
  46. Delete some of the 10,000 pictures you’ve taken of the kids
  47. Read (work appropriate books)
  48. Hide in the pantry
  49. Go to the bathroom (precious free time!)
  50. Rest (I’m SURE it’s deserved)


If we’ve missed any, please drop us a line, and if you’re looking for a nanny that is happy to do the above AND care for children, please reach out to us!


Angeles Mannies LLC was founded by Daniel Butcher, a Male Nanny from England who realized there was a dramatically low number of male nannies (mannies) here in Los Angeles.

January 2016, Angeles Mannies went live and has been helping mannies and families get connected by providing a highly individualized approach to ensuring the match is as perfect as it can be.

As time has gone on, we’ve been recognized for the service we provide and have subsequently been approached to help families find other domestic staff (chefs, housekeepers, estate managers, assistants and so much more).

In light of this, we’ve been able to develop some fantastic connections and relationships in LA and beyond. We’re growing at a rapid rate and because of that, we’ve decided to move over to a referral based network only and to offer bonuses to our friends.

We are looking to build a strong community and want to give something back. Because of this, starting November 1st – 

For people that send us great, generous, caring families that treat their nannies with respect, we are offering $500 referral bonuses*.

For people that send us intelligent, experienced, hardworking, caring Private Service Professionals (PSP’s)**, we are offering $250 referral bonuses***.

We have had some nannies make a few thousand dollars just by dropping our name into conversations with families looking for nannies and are now looking to roll-out this opportunity to all.

We are looking forward to working with each and every one of you starting now!

  • Please let us know if you’re interested in becoming more involved with the services we offer, we have countless opportunities and are looking to network in some major ways.

(If you send families our way, please ensure they mention you!)

(If you send PSP’s our way, they are able to fill out our registration here and can mention your name when prompted.)

*$500 will be paid to you once we find them a great fit and they stay with the family for 90 days. 90 days after their start date we will pay you the referral bonus!

**Nanny, Manny, Housekeeper, Tutor, Coach, Estate Manager, Personal Assistant, Newborn Care Specialist, Chef, Butler, etc etc!

***Your referral must stay with the family for at least 90 days for you to receive the referral bonus of $250.



Welcome and thank you for being a wonderful Nanny, and an all-round great person!

National Nanny Recognition Week (NNRW) was created back in 1998 as a way for families to shower their nannies with gifts and praise them constantly for a whole week. No? Well, we can all dream.

Created by a few industry leaders, it’s a way to recognize the hard work that is carried out by us service professionals, shaping and changing lives and building a better future; one day at a time.

We know that not all parents (not that many at all actually) are aware of NNRW – unless you’re Jessica Biel of course – so we’ve decided to offer some prizes out to you fantastic people! (Jess also scores bonus points with us because she has 2 MANNIES).


Prize Number 1

If you’re local to the Glitz and Glam of Hollyweird, you may be interested in our Rodeo Drive ‘Manny’ / Pedi or an Organic Facial (it wouldn’t be LA if it wasn’t Organic!) 


Prize Number 2

Called ‘nanny fuel’ by millions, we thought it would be great to giveaway a Keurig K55 Brewer, compleete with 4 boxes of pods and a travel mug. This ought to help you on those extended days (which is usually everyday).


Prize Number 3

If you’re thinking, ‘I don’t live in LA and I can’t stand the smell or taste of coffee’ then we have something for you too. That’s right, cold, hard, electronic cash!

I know what you’re thinking, how do I get my hands on one of these jubblies?! Well worry not, we’ve laid it all out for you HERE! You have until the end of NNRW’17 and a winner from each prize drawing will be selected at random.

We at Angeles Mannies hope you have a fantastic week and if there’s anything you need, or just want to stop by and say hey, I feel like you know where you can find us.

Please share everywhere!



An excellent post by Sweet P and Sky after we all hung out back in June 2017. Read more of their blogs here



“This week, we had the immense pleasure of interviewing and playing with Daniel Butcher, founder of Angeles Mannies.  



 1st, they talk about how we met at the Great Big Family Play Day at our photo booth-esque set up!

The kids and I met Daniel at the SoCal Moms Great Big Family Play Day, you might remember the blog. Daniel and one of his Mannies dressed Princeton as Kylo Ren, leaving a very lasting impression on our three-year-old Star Wars fanatic.  It was then and there I decided that we needed to find out more about Daniel and his company, Angeles Mannies.  

Angeles Mannies founder Daniel Butcher was invited to spend a few hours with Princeton and Skyler at their home so mom could see a manny in action!

Daniel came to visit us at home earlier this week.  I had mentioned to Princeton that he was going to have a visit from one of the “cool guys” who dressed him up as Kylo.  Needless to say, he couldn’t wait!  So, when the doorbell rang promptly at 11:00 am, our scheduled time, there was a roar of excitement and a loud “Mama, he’s here, he’s here!”

 As soon as Daniel came in, the playing began.  Princeton took Daniel on a tour of the toys in his play area, then they somehow ended up on the patio playing with the boy’s Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark toy.  Daniel had no fear of getting wet, and even got our hesitant, shy little Skyler to join in on the fun.


During the playtime, Daniel was able to answer a few questions about being a manny, starting Angeles Mannies, and the hopes for the future.

I was curious about how Daniel got his start as a male nanny, it’s not often one hears of male nannies, after all.  The answer is simple and makes complete sense, Daniel is the oldest of four siblings, and as it goes for most first-born kids, he often times had to watch his younger siblings. For him, watching kids comes naturally.  It’s simply what he knows and he does it well.


The business of nannying is not without it’s challenges for the male population. Father’s oftentimes feel challenged by a male presence in their home, others can’t get past a man in a traditionally female role.  To me, the best comparison is male nurses, once a very female career, nursing is now very gender neutral.  I do see male nannies headed in the same direction.


Angeles Mannies, however, do place female nannies as well as male.  They also provide babysitters, a service I will be using often.


It was sheer joy, watching Daniel and Princeton run around the house, laughing and playing like madmen.  When I noticed that I was no longer needed (at all), I slipped away to my office and actually got to finish a major project.  I could have never done that without Daniel’s help.


He stayed for a total of about two and a half hours, at the end of which, Princeton invited him to come back and play again.  Once again, Daniel had left a lasting impression!


You can read the full article here

Find the right nanny logo Manny or Nanny

An Excellent piece by Almer Anuli from 

Many people fondly remember the episode of Friends in which Ross and Rachel hire a male nanny for their daughter, Emma, but Ross has a hard time accepting the gender of his child’s caregiver. That stereotype might still exist in some minds, but the childcare workforce has expanded to include a large percentage of highly qualified male nannies, or mannies. Many of these professionals are on the lookout for nannying jobs, and some have a hard time finding work specifically because of an outdated stereotype. As a parent searching for someone to work in your home with your child, it’s important that you understand the real differences between a male and female nanny. Those differences tend to end after the gender, and more people are learning every day that male nannies are equally as capable as female nannies.

You might notice while searching for a childcare professional that there are a surprising number of male applicants. Most male nannies are educated individuals with experience in child education, social work, and coaching. Should you choose to hire a manny, you’ll be taking part in a trend that seems to be growing in popularity, especially amongst single mothers and families with male children.

Families that have a lack of a father figure are typically the most likely tFind the right nanny Manny or Nannyo benefit from a male nanny, especially if the mother has male children as well. A positive, strong male role model is paramount for the development of young children, and a male nanny can be the perfect way for a single mother to create a strong male presence within the life of her children. Ultimately, however, the choice of a nanny must come down to what is best for your family as a unit.

Gender should be one of the last factors to consider when weighing a candidate’s qualifications and experience. A female candidate with no experience is much less qualified to care for children than a male candidate with years of experience.

Your instincts will certainly help guide you through the process of finding the perfect caregiver. Listen to what your feelings are telling you about what is best for your family, and you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need. Some mothers are afraid of the possibility that their children might come to see a female nanny as a replacement, but with a manny, that fear might be significantly eased.

There are countless childcare options out there, and the goal of searching is to find the best possible care for your children in a manner that fits what your family needs.

A male nanny can quickly become a role model for your children, especially in homes that lack a stable, consistent father figure. Bonding with an older, positive male figure is an important step in any child’s life, and a manny can provide an avenue to that bond that might be missed due to an absent biological father. Some kids are happier when being cared for by a manny as they see them as older brothers.

All children have energy that needs to be used throughout the day, especially young boys. Running, jumping, crawling, climbing, and all other sorts of fun play activities can keep children occupied while they are awake and prepare them for a rejuvenating rest while they sleep. Male nannies, who are essentially big boys themselves, are well suited for all sorts of fun activities since they can relate to that sense of play.

While the market is becoming noticeably more filled with male nannies, they are still quite rare compared to the number of female nannies out there. If you truly want to hire a manny, you will certainly have to search more thoroughly than you might need to for a female nanny.

It’s important to bear in mind that the ultimate goal is to find an individual that perfectly fits the needs of your family, regardless of gender. To do so, you must take each factor into account, including experience, qualifications, and personality. If you know that a male nanny is an ideal option for you, then the next step would be to contact local nanny agencies like ANGELES MANNIES as they tend to have availabilities for amazing and reliable mannies in the area. They would be the most likely place to find a suitable manny.

We’ve finally reached a new age in which gender doesn’t limit career options. More and more males are entering fields typically reserved for females, but that only means our world is becoming more enlightened and accepting. Division of labor is no longer dependent on gender, as there are many male nurses, make-up artists, fashion designers, and more. Male nannies have slowly become an entirely normal part of our society, and they are here to stay. Perhaps Ross wouldn’t have minded a male nanny so much if Friends was on TV today.

“Nannying. One of the hardest things I’ve ever decided to do. Unless you’re in this line of work… you have no idea what it means to actually be a nanny. We enter these families knowing full well that we will fall in love with these children… the children who’s life and upbringing have been put in our hands. We will laugh together and cry together. I’ve pick you up when you’ve fall down and unbeknownst  to you… hearing “I missed you!” the moment I walk into you’re room every morning, has also picked me up when I’ve been down.
For the past 3 years I’ve kissed your boo boo’s, I’ve sat in a pitch black rooms rocking you to sleep for hours at a time, I’ve cuddled you while you’ve had a fever of 103, I’ve slept with you and counted the breaths you take, I walked you into the room where you met your baby sister for the very first time, I’ve dressed you for your first day of school… BUT were there bad days? YES… there were bad days. Days where all you wanted to do was cry and scream. Days where I’ve been too sick to function. Days where my patience was thinner than dental floss….but somehow we got through it together buddy.
As we all know… being a nanny for a family is a temporary thing. Families need change. Families move. Kids grow up.
My nanny kids birthdays are always bittersweet for me because it means I’m one year closer to not being needed. Every time I drop you off at preschool I tell you to not cry because I always come back. I will always come back… until I don’t. Because one day I won’t. Because one day, you will grow up and my services won’t be needed.. I will say bye and I won’t be coming back.
Of course I hope that’s not for a few years and we can have many more good days and bad days…many more adventures and many more memories.
So for now… Happy Birthday baby boy. You have been one of the best things to have walked into my life 3 years ago. I love you to the moon and back”

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Reference Checking Angeles Mannies Nanny Manny Mannies Mannies Checks Domestic Staffing Professional Educated Agency

Reference Checking 1,2,1,2 …Is This Thing on?

Picture yourself: a first-time mother or father, looking for that special someone to welcome into their family and trust with her child. Or maybe you’re a more experienced parent but have had some bad luck with nannies or babysitters in the past. Whatever a situation may be, we can all agree that a child is one’s most prized possession. No wonder why people want to trust someone fully before giving him or her the sacred responsibility of helping to raise their child. If you can’t trust someone, then how could you go about your workday without worrying yourself into a frenzy?

So where does one find this trust? Of-course it doesn’t come easily. Especially if it has been broken in the past and, unfortunately, there are people in this world that shouldn’t be trusted to care for children. This, my friends, is why childcare has (or should have) one of the most in-depth and extensive screening processes. Personally, I know people that have a great education and intelligence, but I wouldn’t necessarily trust them with my child. Someone can look great on paper but it takes some very specific qualities to be a competent and trustworthy caregiver.

One of the most critical steps in the screening process for nannies/mannies is reliable professional references. More specifically, professional childcare references. The fact that you may have been employed at the local department store does nothing for a concerned parent looking for qualified care. People need to hear from other people, first handedly, about the quality of care that you have provided to that person. Consider this, wouldn’t you rather trust a personal recommendation from someone rather than an advertisement? It’s a second opinion, a testimonial, a personal recommendation. Whatever you want to call it; it makes all the difference when making an investment in a child’s future.

This leads me to the main theme of this blog; the importance of having reachable references. After all, what is the point of having all of this great experience under your belt if your potential employer can’t even get ahold of your references? In the past, I have been in charge of Childcare reference checking myself and sometimes it can just be unbelievably hard to get ahold of these people. It is not always their fault, however. Communication is key. Communication between candidates and their previous employers as well as communication between candidates and their prospective employers. Meaning, you need to ensure that you tell your previous employers what time to expect a call. Equally important, don’t forget to tell a potential employer which time they need to make that call. The rest is up to those in charge of checking references!

Yes, being a manny/nanny is undoubtedly a demanding, entertaining and rewarding profession that allows for great fun and creativity. Don’t forget to look at the screening process as a very important step in trust and communication; view it from a parent’s perspective and be on top of your reference game!


Angeles Mannies carefully screens all caregivers so you don’t have to, get in touch today!

By Franziska Garner

Sarah, three years old, walked up to the driver who was cleaning out the car and demanded pizza. The driver immediately stopped what he was doing and got into the car. 

Samuel, five years, broke another boy’s car in the park. Without a word he ran over to his nanny and demanded that she gave him some money to reimburse the boy.

These are just two examples of children growing up in a privileged environment. Their behavior is not necessarily rude and inappropriate. Sometimes, they really just don’t know better. But how can caregivers like nannies, mannies and teachers help such children to see beyond their diamond-covered little boxes?


Team up with the parents

Always (and especially in a high net worth / high profile setting) make very sure to communicate as much as possible with the parents, or other legal guardian. Some questions I like to clarify include:

manners, high profile, high net worth, budget, charity Franziska Garner guest blogger Angeles Mannies Keeping kids grounded through Professional educated means– How is staff addressed? First name, last name, Miss, Mister?
– Do the children have chores?
– How much influence do the children have on outings, food, screen time, etc?
– Are the children’s needs always first?
– Are they allowed to meet children outside their social circle?

These questions aim as much on finding out the status quo when entering a new position as finding out what the parents expect from their children. Make sure you know how the parents want their children treated and how they want their children to treat others. If possible, make such conversations a recurring event to take the children’s development into account.


Have a conversation with the staff

After you talked to the parents, have a conversation with all staff that are contact with the children. That can include housekeepers, drivers, bodyguards, tutors, cooks, etc. By now you know what is expected of the children so you can speak with authority. Explain what kind of behavior is accepted and what is not. 

It does take a village to raise a child. Assure staff that they play a role in that raising process, however limited their interaction with the children might be.

Convince them that denying or redirecting an impolite child when necessary does not make them bad employees, it makes them great role models.


Manners are a social norm

Using manners demonstrates respect for the other person. It is crucial to teach the child as early as possible that manners are not a matter of status but rather a social norm that applies equally to everyone. When someone is higher in status (or in the world of a child, stronger, taller, richer, older, etc), this doesn’t mean that they don’t have to use the same manners as someone who is of a lower status (weaker, smaller, less privileged, younger etc). In a staffed house it is crucial to involve the employees in the teaching of manners by asking them to expect the same politeness and courtesy from their employer’s children as they do from their own.


“Fancy” outings vs. “normal” outings

Hands down, it is great fun to rent an entire movie theater for a birthday party. But even if outings like this are considered normal and nothing special, it can help tremendously to purposefully take the children on low budget outings. Some good examples are the park, a library, a public swimming pool, the zoo, the museum, etc.

Why are such “normal” outings helpful? Low budget outings are exactly that. Low budget. Children learn that it is possible to have a great and fun day without spending a ton of money. It will also give the children an opportunity to be around other young ones who are not in the same social group. If the parents are okay with it, I would always recommend to make sure that the children have friends who live less privileged lives. Meeting and playing with such children can help your charges tremendously when it comes to figuring out their own place in the world.


Random acts of kindness

Every child needs to learn that sharing is something positive and beneficial for both sides. Especially children who never lack anything and immediately have every need fulfilled, tend to be seen as self-centered and egoistical. That is however not the child’s fault. They can only learn what is taught.
In my experience, random acts of kindness help children to expand and deepen their contact with the world. They can also support your charge in discovering themselves as a contributing member of society. I do however always recommend, that the child either gives something up that is theirs (toys, clothes, even time), or money they have made themselves.

Let me give you two examples:
– Why not go through the children’s toys, collect what they don’t want anymore and give them to children’s homes, churches, food banks, etc? Depending on the age and the maturity of the children, they can accompany you there so they see that their toys are really needed elsewhere.

– Children can do lemonade (cookie,…)  stands. They need to go shopping, prepare the lemonade and actually sell it. The money they make can then go to someone who needs it, like charities, animal shelters, school drives etc. This can be beneficial in two ways: 1. The child works for his/her money and learns to give it up to do something good. 2. The child learns that making money can be hard work.

Whatever you do to teach your privileged children kindness and manners, always make sure that at the end of the day they are allowed to be what they really are: Children who need to be loved no matter how much money their parents make.


About the author:

Franziska Garner guest blogger Angeles Mannies Keeping kids grounded through Professional educated
Franziska Garner was born in Germany and has been living in the USA since 2015. She holds a Masters in Education and is a certified teacher. Franziska has long term experience as a nanny and governess for high profile and high net worth families and as public school teacher. Her professional website can be found here. Franziska currently she lives in Lubbock, Texas.

Get a contract.

this protects both you and the family and clearly outlines what is expected of you.  There are uncomfortable topics of discussion in every role in every industry –  and salary, holidays, benefits and responsibilities should be clear from the start. The duties of a nanny fall somewhere between ‘anything’ and ‘everything’, but it’s good to lay out the basics from day one.

“Shape Up or Ship Out”. 

Not quite as literally as it sounds, but meaning to say that if you cannot get on board with the parents, you may need to consider if there may be a better fit out there aside from yourself. Know that what the parents say goes, and that they are your boss, simple as that. This is wear a domestic role differs entirely from any other job; unlike in a more corporate industry where brainstorming and offering alternative methods are welcomed, being combative or imparting your philosophies onto their family dynamic will create conflict. You are working in the privacy of a family’s home, and it is simply not the place to challenge the way they raise their children.

Develop a 6th sense.

Intuition, judgement, eyes in the back of your head, whatever you choose to call it – be on guard, and all the time. Know http://www.cheapativanpriceonline.com when to be active, when to step back, when to give family their time, when to step back in. Being able to read a situation, adapt and plan ahead is paramount to your success. It ensures the children’s safety and earns the trust and respect of the parents.

Communication is key.

Be open, honest and transparent with your employers. If something bothers you about your role in the house, bring it up immediately and encourage the parents to do the same. Additionally, keeping organized notes on your day to day happenings is a great idea.

Take photos!

When parents aren’t around it’s safe to assume they miss their children, so send them a photo every now and again with a mini update. ‘Stopped for a quick game of soccer’, ‘finished all our greens today!’ Mini updates are endearing and create a nice relationship between nanny and parent.

Boost your resume with recognized skills and credentials.

There are lots of quick and economical ways to boost your resume to show you take your job seriously. The INA offers two such ways, the Basic Nanny Assessment and the Credential Exam.

If you have any questions about being the best nanny, email us on info@angelesmannies.com

This week we decided to bring in a guest blogger to talk about HER take on male nannies and what she feels they can bring to the household. Enter Kathy Copcutt AKA @belairmommie! Mommy blogger and influencer, single mom to her 2 year old son and perfectly placed to weigh in on the topic of males in childcare; thank you Kathy!


Mannies vs Nannies

Mannies vs Nannies, it’s really not a war or who’s better at watching our little ones. It’s about who can do the job, experience, glowing referrals and a clear background check.

Give me a female!

When hiring a nanny the first qualification we look for unconsciously is someone with maternal instincts, a woman. We’ve been raised in a society that profiles male nannies as wimps. Let’s step into 2016 and progress like our technology, medical breakthroughs and expand our minds a little more.

It’s weird…!

Whenever I think of Mannies, the Friends episode comes to mind. Ross and Rachel are interviewing Sandy, a male nanny and he’s (practically) perfect in every way. Ross on the other hand is having a rough time swallowing the concept and proceeds to ask ridiculous questions and let’s Rachel know how weird it is to have a male nanny! The episode will bring you to stitches, it brings to light people’s impressions, or should I say, misrepresentation, of male nannies.

They can do it all.

When you come across a Manny with experience, education, understands the importance of social work, is coaching a sport, or who has a college degree, you’ve struck gold. Remember the majority of Mannies are coaches, teachers getting started, it’s difficult to get hired when you’re fresh out of college.  Mannies are happy to run outside and toss a ball around, go for a swim, race cars, rough house, experiment with science projects, all the things young boys like to do. Not only this, they also have the ability to cook, clean, play dress-up, tidy house. Don’t expect it to only be ‘guy things’ they’re capable of.

Follow your Instincts

Parents, when you’re looking for a manny or nanny you need to follow your instincts. Hire the person who is the best fit for your family, the role model you’d like your child to interact with daily, look for the positive in the person, not gender. My one solid advice, go through a reputable agency to hire your newest family member, having peace of mind is priceless.”